Ways of Christ


If You cannot see the fonts on these Chinese pages:

1. try to adjust Your Browser: "View"/ "Code": Chinese-Taiwan utf-8. After that, if necessary, click "actualize".

2.  or see our versions in simplified Chinese (Click here)

If You can see the chinese fonts or not -, but have difficulties to print the pages:

1. You can click here for a printable pdf file of this site in traditional Chinese (639 kB).

2. For viewing .pdf-Files You need the free program "Adobe Acrobat Reader" 4 or higher

3. You may check, if Your printer can be adjusted to get the fonts from Your computer as images instead of "fonts-download". That should work with the web pages itself too.

4. Otherwise You may search in the web for a better driver for Your printer. Many printer drivers can handle Chinese fonts automatically.


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