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Information about Malayalam fonts

 You saw latin characters instead of the correct Malayalam characters on our version for older computers?

- On our page for older computers we used  the Malayalam fonts "Shree501". If You see latin characters, You may get that malayalam fonts for instance here:
After inserting the downloaded fonts-file into the adequate folder, e.g. C:\Windows\fonts\ , You should see the fonts on the page. Otherwise actualize the page.

- You may alternatively try the PDF-file (for Acrobat Reader). For instance this version may be better for printing the page. For this method usually You do not need to have the fonts on Your computer.

If Your Browser is not adjusted to choose the Codes automatically from the pages, You may need to adjust the settings of Internet Explorer: view/ code/ "utf-8" or "user-defined". With netscape You may try view/ code/  user-defined.

Back to our Malayalam Page for older computers (fonts shree501)  http://www.ways-of-christ.com/ml/ml_old.htm

Our version for newer computers e.g. windows 7, 8, or older computers with fonts for Malayalam unicode characters, e.g. Internet Explorer 8 with updates.