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Information about Amharic fonts

We use now the fonts "GF Zemen unicode" (and some pictures). The fonts are embedded, that is, You download it with the page. If this method does not work with Your programs - especially with other Browsers than Internet Explorer -  or if You want to save and read the page later offline too -, You should have this amharic fonts permanently installed in Your computer. You may download the fonts here: 
ftp://ftp.ethiopic.org/pub/fonts/TrueType/gfzemenu.ttf  (font only, for manual inserting into C:\windows\fonts );
ftp://ftp.ethiopic.org/pub/fonts/TrueType/GeezFontInstall.exe (self install font for Windows9x/Me/NT/2000/XP);
ftp://ftp.ethiopic.org/pub/fonts/TrueType/amh-uni.exe (self install font, + amharic keyboard, + manual);
Typing Help.

Then You should see the characters on the page. Otherwise actualize the page.

Windows 98 and Windows ME users may need to upgrade Internet Explorer to version 6 to view the Amharic font.

You may alternatively try the pdf-file. For instance this version may be better for printing the page. For this method usually You do not need to have the fonts on Your computer.

If Your Browser is not adjusted to choose the Codes automatically from the pages, You may need to adjust the settings of Your Browser: view/ code/ "utf-8".

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