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Information about Indian Devanagari fonts

 You saw latin characters instead of the correct Hindi characters on our version for older computers?

- Many Hindi sites used "embedded fonts". We add this feature too. But this works only online - mainly for Internet Explorer (Other browsers may no longer support this method.) When You save such sites on Your Computer, and want to open it offline, the characters are vanished - except You have the used kind of devanagari fonts installed permanently on Your own computer. So, if You want to use several Hindi sites, we recommend to download the fonts and insert it (in case of Windows systems) into the adequate folder, e.g. C:\Windows\fonts.

On our page for older computers we used  the latin-based Devanagari fonts "Kruti Dev 010". If You don't find it, You may get it here :
You may download several other Hindi Fonts from that web address, or from links given there:  http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~malaiya/devafonts.htm

If You have the fonts, and there are still problems with some characters, look up the settings of Internet Explorer/ View/ Code/: either "automatical" or "utf-8".

- For viewing some other Hindi sites with unicode characters like our version for Windows 7 ,,, on older computers, You may need to install language support for Hindi, either from Your operating system - Windows 2000 or newer: keyboard options - or from the CD MsWord2002/ Office2002 or higher: "Add features".

If You can see the fonts, but have problems with printing it:

You may download a .PDF file of our Hindi site (for Acrobat Reader).  For this method usually You do not need to have the fonts.


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